About us

Building on our legacy to bring global forestry products trade into the 21st century

A modern trading company with a historical heritage

At SOIC Global Trading, we keep moving forward – through history and across the oceans.

We are a committed business partner that uses the modern tools of the trade to offer you excellent service within:

Trade & Marketing

Our experienced team will provide you with the assistance your company needs.

Our people and their dedication to your success is at the core of who we are as a company.

Finance & Risk

Regardless of whether you are a supplier or customer to us at SOIC Global Trading, we provide you with the credit terms you need to grow your business – through efficient capital management.

Our capacity for trade risk mitigation, even in difficult circumstances, gives you the assurance you need, at great cost-efficiency.


Thanks to the long-standing relationships we have with our logistics partners, we are able to provide safe, timely and reliable solutions for your products – all at the right price.

Trade Support

Stress-free solutions and professional trade support make it easier for you to grow and focus on your own business.

Strong relationships are essential to who we are

– And the foundation of any successful business venture.

At SOIC, we are proud to be an efficient and transparent “provider of relationships”. We have close relationships with both producers and customers, and are eager to build, enhance and contribute to new relationships between different parties. This in order to give both producers and customers the ability to excel in their own roles and capacities.

We provide the platform for your success.

Powered by Greencarrier

SOIC Global Trading is part of the Greencarrier Group, a Sweden-based logistics company with sustainability as its number one priority. In 2022, the group had a turnover of approximately USD 400 million with a strong net result providing financial stability and a good platform for strong, continued growth.

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