Global trade since the 18th century

A modern forestry product trader, with historical roots

Sustainable forestry

For SOIC Global Trading, sustainable forestry is very important. This is the reason we have chosen to certify our business both with FSC® and PEFC®

Check out this page with our COC-certificates.

Your new, independent, Sweden-based trading partner in global forestry products

SOIC Global Trading provides efficient trade solutions for both producers and consumers in areas such as paper, packaging and other commodities.

Our dedicated and experienced team is here to help ensure the success of your operations. Wherever you operate, we are here for you.

Included in our offering are efficient solutions within finance, documentation, logistics and risk management.

Our legacy

The Swedish East India Company, one of the most successful companies in the nation’s history, was founded in 1731. Trading commodities with the Far East, the company owned and operated nearly 40 vessels and completed over 130 voyages, mainly to China. The company’s operations ceased in 1813.

Today, we are proud to resume this historical trade tradition, adapted to the 21st century.

Adventurers at heart, we now set sail for the next chapter of our legacy – with larger vessels and the tools of modern trade at our disposal.

Visit the webpage of the ship, Götheborg of Sweden.

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